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General Information (T-Ball/Coach Pitch)

T-Ball / Coach Pitch is for boys and girls ages 5 & 6 (as of 1/1 for girls and 5/1 for boys) who want to learn the basics of throwing, hitting and fielding. A coach pitches a few balls and if the child does not hit the ball a T is setup so they can hit from that!

 In addition, have a lot of fun. The baseball is a softer ball than in the older levels. In this division the coach pitches to the players then after several pitches the player is able to hit off of a tee. In Coach Pitch players also learn how to run the bases and what the positions on the field are called. 

By parent option a player that is in this division for one season may be "moved up" to the next division (7 & 8) year old boys/girls with the approval of the boys or girls commissioner. Rosters normally are composed of between 10 - 12 players. All players bat and play the field.

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Posted  Online HERE and E-mailed out the first week of April. 

Coaches will contact you within a week of the rosters being posted.
(if they don't e-mail [email protected] and we will contact them. (Include Parent and Player First and Last Name in the Subject)

Rosters were generated at random and would include the coaches and assistants kid along with any other requests that we could do. 

Kids were divided up with Age and Gender  in mind. (So it should be a good mix of 4,5 and 6 Year old boys and girls)

Any Players being transferred after the rosters are posted  must be approved by the commissioner and the parent will be charged an additional Shirt and Hat Fee (if the         order has already been placed. (some exclusions may apply)


Provided by League
- T- Shirts and Hats (Expected to be ready 2 weeks prior to the season starting)
- Bats and Helmets 

Not Provided but Required to Play
- Gloves are required (view selecting the right equipment page)
- Shorts or Pants (Pants are highly recommended)
   Pant and Short Color does not matter but some coaches will ask that you have the same
   color so you look like a team (wait on buying these until your coach contacts you)

Not provided and Not required (optional)
- Batting Gloves are not required but may be used
- Cleats are not required but highly recommended

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 Dates, Times and Locations set by the coaches. (They will let you know when they contact you)


T-Ball Games could start as early as May 6thtand as late as June 16thst depending our older kids schedule. (They have priority Scheduling

 Games are 1 Hour and played Monday through Friday at Homecoming Park between 6:00 pm and 7:15 pm (Saturday Games although not likely and only happen if we have makeup games. could start as early as 7:30 am)

Each team will play 8 games each.


Visit the Picture Day Page for more information. 2018 Will by May 19th


Your Child will get a participation trophies as part of your league fees these will be handed out after the games are over by your coach.