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T-Ball/Coach Pitch

T-Ball / Coach Pitch is for boys and girls ages 5 & 6 (as of 1/1 for girls and 5/1 for boys) who want to learn the basics of throwing, hitting and fielding. A coach pitches a few balls and if the child does not hit the ball a T is setup so they can hit from that!

 In addition, have a lot of fun. The baseball is a softer ball than in the older levels. In this division the coach pitches to the players then after several pitches the player is able to hit off of a tee. In Coach Pitch players also learn how to run the bases and what the positions on the field are called. 

By parent option a player that is in this division for one season may be "moved up" to the next division (7 & 8) year old boys/girls with the approval of the boys or girls commissioner. Rosters normally are composed of between 10 - 12 players. All players bat and play the field.

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